No more intimidation at the gym: even as a novice, you'll workout like a pro

Big-brand gyms are piloting new ways to help their members better engage with the complicated equipment.

15 Percent

Only 15% of gym-goers feel they receive personalized attention and support in larger gym settings.

50 Percent

Nearly 50% of gym attendees find waiting for equipment to be on of their top gym-related frustrations.

25 Percent

Approximately 25% of gym members considered canceling due to crowded facilities and equipment availability.


Interactive equipment

Smart Gym Equipment
Equipment ready
Smart Gym Equipment

When customers enter the gym, their personalized training plan engages. Customers are led to individual pieces of equipment, automatically set to their resistance level and body needs.

Welcome Back message

Equipment sequencing is adjusted based on the number of people in the gym and the availability of machines; no more waiting for the only squat rack.

Woman working out

Digital mirrors

Digital mirrors prompt to correct form, and free-weights glow to match.

On the spot guidance

Yoga mats include subtle visualizations of proper hand, feet, and body positioning.