Creating the first marketplace for hunting experiences

BirdDog partners with ranch owners to provide hunters exclusive access to a variety of hunts and game.





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Narrative helped bring BirdDog’s vision of creating the first marketplace for hunting experiences to life.

Two friends started BirdDog after discovering an opportunity to help landowners utilize and market their properties for organized, safe hunts. Narrative helped BirdDog design a platform to enable a hunter of any experience level to browse and book hunts. On the flip side of this two-way marketplace, the platform also provides landowners a management portal where they can easily list and market their unique hunting experiences.


Creating an online two-sided marketplace for a traditionally low-tech industry

BirdDog’s platform bridges the gap between landowners and hunters. The majority of landowners come from a low-tech background, but the growing population of younger hunting enthusiasts are familiar with and expect seamless booking experiences like one would use to find place to stay.

Business Value

Landowners earn additional income while providing unique hunting experiences

With this new platform, BirdDog benefits landowners looking to earn sustaining income, as well as and hunters looking for unique experiences they would never find otherwise.

User Value

Browsing and purchasing hunting experiences is easier than ever

BirdDog helps both the supplier and the consumer by providing simple, intuitive interfaces that facilitate each user’s unique goal—whether that’s becoming a 5-star host or having the experience of a lifetime.

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Balancing detail with simplicity to create an intuitive marketplace for hunts

Hunting has a particular aesthetic, and BirdDog was looking to leverage the emotional qualities of that visual style. Yet the style can also be intimidating for new hunters, who are looking for a safe, supportive hunting environment. The brand challenge: to establish a style that resonates with both established professionals as well as new hobbyists.

Narrative studied how other industries commonly use booking systems and identified universal patterns and systems that would apply to hunting experiences. Ease of use was a key requirement to make this platform successful. As we began designing the experience, we simultaneously drafted a brand implementation strategy.

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Narrative translated our ideas into a simple, beautiful experience, and helped us strategize on how to bring our product vision to life. I recommend the team to anyone who wants to bring beautiful, differentiated experiences to market.

Jonathan Lusk

Jonathan Lusk

BirdDog Co-Founder

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Implementing bold brand elements to enhance the digital booking experience.

The BirdDog site puts experience at the center. Vibrant brand elements enhance the booking experience; the design highlights the unforgettable experiences that are a click away. Booking is easy. Special brand moments shine through, adding celebrations and clear communication to enhance the overall booking journey.


A modular design approach affords development flexibility.

When designing features for BirdDog, the team established a minimal viable product, while simultaneously envisioning the future trajectory of the product and marketplace. The team's approach involved carefully balancing immediate user needs with the long-term vision for scalability.

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User validation clears a path for growth

As users actively engage with and endorse the platform, their feedback and positive experiences not only affirm the value proposition, but also highlight potential avenues for further expansion and growth.


The attention to detail and the focus on an enjoyable experience for the hunters were top notch. The Vaqueros were absolutely on their game the entire time. They served us well and anticipated what we needed or wanted at every turn.

BirdDog makes it easy for landowners to earn sustaining income

Landowners can showcase their unique property and the outdoor experiences it offers. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to highlight the distinctive features of their land and the various outdoor activities available. This process not only enhances the visibility of their property but also unlocks additional income streams.

By granting people access to these extraordinary outdoor experiences, the BirdDog platform empowers landowners to turn their properties into revenue-generating assets. Facilitating transactions and providing a secure booking system, BirdDog ensures that landowners can effortlessly monetize their offerings.

Helping hosts provide top-tier experiences

BirdDog helps hosts create great experiences for hunters. The host interface helps owners see upcoming reservations, manage blackout dates for personal use, and connect with animal brokers for additional wildlife. Land owners gain a clear view of what's happening on their ranch.

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Revolutionizing access to the great outdoors.

Since BirdDog’s inception, the company has partnered with over 30 tremendous ranches, and secured venture funding to grow the business further.