Reimagining home browsing for 3D printed houses

A pioneer in construction-scale 3D printing, ICON is at the forefront of innovation, delivering higher-quality homes efficiently and affordably. This project centers on showcasing ICON’s groundbreaking technology, emphasizing its transformative impact on community development.



Residential Housing


Web Design


City Scape

Narrative and ICON designed a first of its kind, immersive home showcase.

In partnership with ICON, the team embarked on a transformative project to develop an immersive digital microsite that redefined the way people browse and purchase homes that have been 3d-printed. The project goal was to showcase cutting-edge 3D-printed homes—the collaborative effort between ICON, Lennar, and BIG-Bjarke Inngles Group.



Building an immersive digital experience that gives the consumer buying confidence

3d-printed houses are new and unique; how can we match the magic of a new form of building, with a new form of home browsing?

Business Value

Potential home buyers can tour homes even before they are built

An immersive neighborhood and home showcase experience allows potential buyers to experience these unique 3D homes without stepping through the door. Buyers can easily browse every home model, or filter the options to conform to their needs. Interested buyers can reserve homes during this pre-build phase.

User Value

Buyers can browse, compare, and purchase homes in an efficient way

This showcase enables buyers to answer their questions without the burden of visiting each home site. The tour not only educates them on the process and materials used, but also provides environment context from the street to the kitchen.

Mobile Screens

Revolutionizing Home Buying with ICON's Seamless Digital Experience

A core part of buying a home is understanding the context of living. The designers reimagined the conventional real estate map, in order to present home buyers with a comprehensive view of available homes within a master-planned community.

By integrating features such as location details, home types, detailed visuals, and the ability to reserve a home, prospective customers could explore in an immersive manner, just like buying a high-end vehicle like a Tesla or a Rivian.


Bringing Vision to Reality with Multiple Partners

The design team partnered with different specialists. One focused on lifelike property renderings, another was in charge of staging, another produced high-quality digital video. This collaboration required extensive communication among stakeholders and careful planning, particularly in crafting the animations users see on the screen. From shaping realistic visuals to refining the final user interface, every detail was a result of closely working together to seamlessly merge the digital and physical realms.

Waitlist Open

A successful launch.

This ICON web experience has been succesful in faciliting the sale of 3d-printed homes; it's a unique buying experience to match a unique product.