The future of audio in content creation

Between 2016 and 2019, Logitech strategically acquired companies like Astro Gaming, Jaybird, Ultimate Ears, and Blue Microphone to expand into the gaming, streaming, and content creation markets. We set out to uncover content creators' latent needs and create a visual representation of future product and service possibilities.








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Narrative helps Logitech uncover opportunities that help content creators focus on the creative work.

When we conduct design research, we go to people’s homes and workspaces. We gain an intimate view of where they work and how they think.

During this project, the team conducted design research with makers: content creators who use digital tools to produce material for an online audience.

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Integrating recent acquisitions and their products to create a holistic content creation ecosystem

Logitech needed a strategy for integrating their acquisitions into their product portfolio. The opportunity space was vast, as the backdrop of the industry saw a surge in content creators. This research was an opportunity to learn how to best serve a growing consumer base.

Business Value

Supporting content creators from start to finish keeps them in the Logitech ecosystem and builds brand loyalty

Logitech gained a foothold in the content creation space and was poised to become a market leader through the unification of these fractured media companies and products under a single, comprehensive ecosystem.

User Value

Creators can spend more time creating and less time on tedious tasks like editing

From novice to professional, Logitech supports all creator levels with products and features designed to ease the process of producing polished media. Within this new ecosystem, even a novice can create a professional podcast in days, not weeks.

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Laying the foundation for success with clear goals and a strategic approach

Examine engagement

The Narrative team visited content creators and observed their engagement with microphones during the creative workflow (audio creation process) in order to uncover key pain points, wants, needs and desires.

Person Recording
Person Recording

Gain empathy & understanding

In addition to observing their engagement with the mic, the team worked to understand the participant's emotions regarding creative content development at home and on the go.

Capture behavioral intent

The researchers crafted questions and activities to uncover why creators do the things they do; this identified their unique wants and needs.

Person Recording
Person Recording

Identify opportunity areas

After research was completed, the team described the opportunity areas that could be pursued, and then created design criteria for potential future products and services.

Examine engagement by learning from makers

The team's research plan focused on how creators currently record their podcasts and music, and how they engage in other forms of content creation.




Creator Types




Finding meaning in research data

Once the team gathered data, they externalized it in the studio in order to identify patterns, themes, and latent needs.

synthesis details

Capturing behavioral intent

Content creators struggle to refine their craft because they must simultaneously learn the tools of creation, the medium of expression, and the right path to achieve their desired outcome.

creation details
opportunity space

Blue’s Yeti X is probably the best USB mic on the market.

Laying the foundation for success with clear goals and a strategic approach

Milestone 1

Create workflow-specific hardware packages to help creators minimize the confusion and cost associated with buying hardware.

Microphone Package

Milestone 2

Start with the microphone; help content creators capture high-quality audio by minimizing ambient noises.

Microphone Package

Milestone 3

Build on the hardware experience with a supporting application that visualizes types of audio interference and provides instruction on how to minimize them.

Microphone Package

Milestone 4

Support the hardware discovery of content creators by allowing them to digitally test out microphone hardware that is better suited to their context. Provide digital and physical paths to purchase.

Microphone Package

Milestone 5

Allow content creators to digitally connect to a community of collaborators. Support the ability to share samples that contain our proprietary audio diagnostic information & steps to reproduce.

Microphone Package

Planning a vision for the future of content creation.

In exploring the future of content creation, Narrative mapped a path forward with concrete milestones in order to help creators of any experience level feel like experts.

This progressive roadmap will provide constant, incremental value to customers, so they can become the rockstars they aspire to be!