Reimagining hydration for the modern athlete.

Hydration has always been the silent hero of athletic achievement, from powering athletes through grueling training sessions to ensuring they perform at their best when it matters most.

10% Reduction

In muscle strength as a result of dehydration

Man running

8% Decrease

In muscle endurance as a result of dehydration

Hydration is the catalyst for reaching new heights in fitness and sports.

20% Boost

Up to 20% improvement in physical performance compared to their dehydrated counterparts.

As we enter the era of intelligent water solutions and smart bottles, athletes are gaining a competitive edge like never before.

Meet the smart bottle

A waterproof, digital reminder to hit those electrolytes

Active Mode

reminds you, throughout your workout, to treat your body well.

Contest Mode

makes hydration a competition: hit your perfect level of fluids by challenging your friends

Lock Screen

brings your bottle to life: all eyes on you during your workout.

Water bottle: Active Mode mode