Thank You

The best parts of this book are the stories, and I didn’t write them—I just listened and shared them. The people I interviewed deserve the credit for the ideas in those stories. Thank you to Maria Giudice from Hot Studio, Gavin Lew from User Centric, Christian Barnard from T3, Sue and Alan Cooper, Phil Barrett from Flow Interactive, Matthew Robinson from Idean, Crystal Rutland from Particle Design, Chris Conley from gravitytank, Max Burton from Matter, and Doreen Lorenzo from frog—thank you all for sharing your experiences in such detail and with such candor.

Thank you to all of the others I spoke with who were instrumental in shaping my understanding of the acquisition experience for design consultancies, particularly Theo Forbath, Nick Gould, Abby Godee, Kevin McDonald, and Collin Cole.

Thank you to John Cooper from 7 Mile Advisors, who was our M&A advisor during our company sale; to Julie Dale from Heyman & Associates, our CPA; and Brian Spross and Robyn Siers from Jones & Spross, our attorneys.

Thank you to Tiffany Braden, proofreader extraordinaire.

Thank you to Matt Franks and Chad Fisher, my partners at Modernist Studio, and to Chrissy Cowdrey and Swava Hooks, additional partners at my new studio, Narrative.

And endless thank yous and appreciations to my wife, Jess, who supported me through the entire sale process and has been my love and partner for 23 years and counting. Jess, I promise I won’t say “EBITDA” any more at home :)